Friday, October 16, 2009


we've got a new party for ya'll to keep u warm in the upcoming cold season.

Cruise Control.
Sunday Nights at APT.
Soul, R&B, disco, and boogie grooves.
Real music for real people.
Let's do it!

It's just one them nights you feel like getting down...

Friday, September 4, 2009


For those wondering about our 'Off The Record' party which was every Friday at APT, it's been put on hold while the management renovates the downstairs. Thanks to all of the special guests that stopped by: Kyle Hall, Master Khan, Duane Harriott, Beautiful Swimmers, Tkat, Erno The Inferno, Frantz and Ponk...

In the meantime, we've set up something special on friday nights in a new spot in Brooklyn. The spot is raw and has one of the best dancefloors I've ever seen. We're bringing out 2 18" subs for this one, and the drinks are cheap! So tonight is the debut of the BROOKLYN DISCO CLUB.


DRESS CODE: whatever you want - just bring dancing shoes!

@ Flushing & Thompkins, two blocks from the J Train, Flushing stop
Hope to see ya there!

New Lab Radio!


New Lab Radio Update!

Tons of new tunes by:

24 Carat Black
Andy Vas
DJ Sneak
Donald Byrd
Doobie Brothers
Eddy Rosemond
Eli Escobar
Gaslamp Killer
Glass Candy
Juggy Murry
Los Silvertones
MIchael Jackson
Omar S
Peven Everett
Popular People's Front
Rick Wade
Roy Ayers
Shit Robot
Soft Rocks
The Upstroke
Theo Parrish

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitchen Tuesdays: Snack & Cmish and Ponk

Soooo, if you were wondering what's been up with the OTR party at APT. It's been put on hold as they renovate the downstairs. Hopefully, we'll be back up and running in Sept...Until then, the Kitchen in Williamsburg has been going off. Last week, Amir, Ge-Ology and Waajeed killed it. This week, Snack and I and special guest Ponk take it to the stars and back. Hope to see you there!

Seawind - We Got A Way

Came home after doing the last Off The Record Party with DJ's Frantz and Ponk and couldn't stop mixing! Here's one of the tracks played on the late night tip. Seawind is really an amazing group that released their debut in 76'. I picked up a couple weeks ago and have been hooked on their jazz/funk/fusion sound since. From what I heard, they have a reunion album being released this year.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Friday: Speculator!

This week, we have a real "Off The Record" guest for you. It's true that this seldom seen Brooklyn music guru rarely makes visits to Manhattan's meat packing district, but that's exactly why Speculator's appearance will be nothing short of... spectacular!

I met William Burnett(Specualtor), through my good friend Frantz, who used to work with him at Greenpoint's infamous dig spot, The Thing. He would let me in on Will's affinity for creating music with vintage synths, and to me, it was like hearing about urban legend in a way. Up until then, I had been meeting with mostly DJ's and was still very in the dark about producing with real synthesizers. The fact that he was collecting all this 80's equipment got me curious enough to buy his records and eventually seek him out. After meeting him in person, I've became quite a fan of his whole catalog but even more so, his damn hustle. You would never guess by his surly old man vibe, but he's actually a striking conversationalist, has a widespread knowledge of all things weird and cool, and is one of the hardest working producers I know.

Not only has he done remixes for Dream Disco's "In Your Eyes" on Das Drehmoment and Music Cargo's "Ernte 05," he's also been releasing some amazing original synth music under Grackle, and cosmic disco releases as Galaxy Toobin with producer homie Elliot Lipp. Besides all that, he still holds it down at The Thing, co-runs a used synth shop called Pentatonic, started his own label WT Records, and provides fresh new sounds for you every week on East Village Radio's "Night Bus" every Thurs from 10pm-12am.

He'll be taking a break from his busy schedule to throw down some of his favorite vinyl selections with us this Friday. A perfect way to start the weekend, I say.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Money Crazy!

so relevant in these times we live in...