Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitchen Tuesdays: Snack & Cmish and Ponk

Soooo, if you were wondering what's been up with the OTR party at APT. It's been put on hold as they renovate the downstairs. Hopefully, we'll be back up and running in Sept...Until then, the Kitchen in Williamsburg has been going off. Last week, Amir, Ge-Ology and Waajeed killed it. This week, Snack and I and special guest Ponk take it to the stars and back. Hope to see you there!

Seawind - We Got A Way

Came home after doing the last Off The Record Party with DJ's Frantz and Ponk and couldn't stop mixing! Here's one of the tracks played on the late night tip. Seawind is really an amazing group that released their debut in 76'. I picked up a couple weeks ago and have been hooked on their jazz/funk/fusion sound since. From what I heard, they have a reunion album being released this year.